Meet Congento.

Enterprise-grade vehicle configurator

  • Supporting all manufacturers using data from JATO
  • Mature and highly integrable webservices
  • Responsive frontends in Bootstrap and React
  • Standardized AutoCodextm vehicle data format and protocol
  • Created with state-of-the-art technologies
  • Hosted in high-performance data centers worldwide
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    Congento | Key features


    Our configurator can be fed with multiple collections of discounts, pick-up locations and custom fields.

    In realtime

    All prices are calculated in realtime and are available on all application levels.


    Realtime calculation of leasing costs down to vehicle options. Directly fed by your financial institution.

    Financial institution

    We connect your configurator with your financial institution.


    Realtime calculation of financing costs down to vehicle options including insurances.


    We calculate individual rates with insurances fed by your financing institution.


    Web-based user interface to manage discounts on all levels. Management and export of requests.

    Manage your data

    All discounts and custom information are well structured in a inheritance tree of manufacturers, models, equipment lines and vehicles.


    Our configurator has a responsive and highly modular framework for integration into your application.

    Modern design

    We use state-of-the-art technologies to give your customer a powerful UX. Powered by our SDK you can create impressive frontends.


    One of our main unique selling points is the extensibility and usage of standardized technologies.

    Data exchange & services

    Congento is designed for enterprise integration into your business environment. We have flexible and fast integration technologies to connect your business.


    We integrate event-based realtime-tracking via Google Analytics on all configurator steps.

    Follow your customer

    Understand your customers behavior and use Google Analytics to carve out the best user experience.


    From potential buyers to customers. Congento is the starting point for systematic Lead Management.

    Stay in contact

    Your Leads are transferred by Congento to your CRM or Mail account. Connect your business to our services.


    Congento generates Search Engine optimized HTML content using an integrated content rendering farm.

    Automatic content creation

    The generated pages are indexable by search engines and include detailed vehicle and model information.


    You have access to the powerful
    Carspecs vehicle data by
    JATO Dynamics Ltd.

    JATO Carspecs

    If there’s one thing that makes buying or selling a car straightforward, it’s detailed information. More specifically, information that allows you to choose a car by comparing individual brands and models. That’s where JATO Carspecs comes into play.

    Data retrieval and search

    Model comparison
    Advanced search engine
    Search by feature with deep price calculation

    Feature-rich search backend

    Congento provides different search technologies: Full text search with auto-completion, feature-based search and deep price calculation down to option level.

    We connect the car retailing industry.

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    Congento | Use cases


    Integrate your configurator on your website. Keep control of your Leads and connect to your Customer Relation Management.

    Develop your leads

    Easy integration for multi-brand dealers. Control your data with comfortable backend functionalities.


    Professional, individual configurator presentation and integration into your web presence.

    Your brand

    Present your website with Congento in a custom look and feel. Integrate the configurator in your business environment. Get easy administration, maintenance and high customizability.

    Dealer network

    Create networks of dealers connected, selling and working with each other.
    Empower your regional markets.

    Your region

    Develop your local market with a variety of Congento features. Bring local dealers into a single platform.
    Keep your individual presence and empower your regional market together.

    Financing institutions

    Support your dealers and retailers with a branded configurator. Integrate Leasing and Financing functionalities.

    Protect your data

    Be open to the market with your custom branded Congento configurator. Protect your residual values with our calculation layers and become able to open up new markets.


    Use the Congento configurator with extensive discount and filter options for your customers.

    Custom discount settings

    Provide a Congento configurator with custom discount settings to all your customers.

    Congento | Supported brands